“I have been working with Lilly for over a year now and can honestly say that as a friend, a teacher, and a mentor she is without compare. I have watched myself develop both in my personal life and in the shamanic path, coming to new realizations about the world and myself and taking back my power, increasing it beyond comprehension. With Lilly’s guidance I have reinvented myself and changed my view of many things, gaining a greater understanding of everything. She is a person of unlimited caring, profound understanding, calm demeanor, and powerful spirit. Working with this woman may very well be one of the best things you will ever do for yourself.”

-David Kelly


“Lilly was a part of my life before I met her. As I searched for a path to my angel spirits I was guided to her, many miles away in flesh, but close as my own heart.

Lilly listens carefully, speaks gently, reassuringly. Her ability to transcend to the spirit filled existence to help me is never what I expected, but is always adding another key to the puzzle of my life. She has taken my spirit on healing journeys and silenced restless spirits. Through each session I am being taught by Lilly to tap the resources that have always been just beyond my grasp.

How can one explain the change that takes place when you are awakened as if from a deep sleep? That is how I would describe how Lilly has changed my life.”

-Linda McCants


“Lilly’s workshop was both powerful and informative; a perfect blend of knowledge, personal experience and practical applications. She was down to earth, open to questions and a veritable encyclopedia of wisdom regarding Celtic mythology and practice. Lilly’s experience and power is apparent as she guides you safely through your own personal encounters and into the mystical realms beyond. As a practitioner and experienced journeyer I found her approach to meet and exceed my expectations while remaining easily accessible to the novice, I cannot recommend her enough!”

-Fabio Marzo


“I entered into the cozy circle of eager students, as Lilly began to introduce us to the vast and interweaving Teaching of Celtic Shamanism and Magic. With her spontaneous passion for the subject matter, her embracing envelope of interaction and questioning dialogue, a chemistry of true Mentorship ignited the environment. This weekend of Instruction became more than informational input, more than merely excellent induction of practical Paths designed to Open our Intuitive Psyche…We became co-participants in a field of awareness that enhanced the animation of archetypal influences and engendered True perceptual transformation. Ancient methods were newly re-kindled in our cognitive landscape, and we soared in direct experiential Understanding towards the creation of bridges between personal and Universal Knowledge.

Lilly has an incredible storehouse of depthful, experience based wisdom in many Pathways accessing progressive levels of Awareness. Her ability to Teach fundamentals, as well as open doors of perception that awaken Clear and Psycho-Spiritual abilities is an astonishing credential that also sharpens the readiness to Receive greater dosages of Pure catalysts of cleansing, release, transformation. As a new student, my cup is filled with electrified practical Wisdom recipes, which inspires me to continue with curious Mind, open Heart, and discerning Spirit towards ever broader and deeper passages. Tools have been acquired, insights realized, inner worlds accessed and enhanced, all in a manner that encourages exploration, a family of common interests, and appreciation for the alchemical initiations hidden within meadows, forests, stone circles, glens of the Celtic mists.

Thank you Lilly for such a wonderful and magical workshop of creative Spirit.”

-Matthew Sells


“I have been a student of Lilly’s for years. I began my study as a fearful and timid human being who spent most of his time searching for approval and validation from the world around him.

With Lilly’s guidance and counsel, I have completely transformed as a person. The transformation has not been about me becoming better or more like how I want to be. The transformation has been about me becoming the REAL me… for the first time.

Through my work and study with Lilly, I have discovered what true power is. And I am well on my way to bringing that power into the world for the good of all.

Thank you Lilly.”

-Jason Leister


Lilly has a rare and wonderful ability to see into the spiritual world that underlies our daily lives, and to describe the nature of that world with great intelligence and meticulous accuracy.She has the extraordinarily powerful gifts in the healing arts, which set our own capability to heal into motion, and also set us free to grow in wisdom, joy and beauty.”

-Marie Jackson


I have known Lilly literally all her life, and I expect in lifetimes past. When her mother and I were expecting her, her spirit joined us palpably on a frigid day when we were immersed in a hot spring at Jimez, New Mexico. Since then I have served as her father even while knowing she is a guru to me.

 When she was a teenager, her spiritual aptitude caused her suffering and was not always clearly a gift to her. I have seen her as she sacrificed to find her way, and as she embraced her gifts and chose to follow her own path.
One Winter Solstice, years ago, with Lilly in the desert, awaiting the sunrise, she called in her spiritual guides. I danced, pounding the earth with my feet, and experienced my place on the Tree of Life. This experience continues to have a profound influence on my professional work and my life.
Lilly is the real thing. I have never seen her approach her gifts with ego or drama. She is genuine, loving and longs to use her abilities to serve others. She is an earnest scholar of her craft, continually studying and learning. Her library is impressive. She is always willing to learn and take direction from others. Hence she listens to and has a deep reverence and respect for those she serves.
I trust Lilly. She is a great soul, continuing to grow in knowledge and power.
-Randy Overdorff